Payza Money Transfer Service Review

In today’s age being able to send and receive money across the world with the click of a mouse is now made easier than ever with Payza money transfer service.

What is Payza?


Payza formally known as Alertplay is one of the global leaders in the online payment arena.Payza is very similar to PayPal in that they are used for online payment processing. Payza offers services that range from e-commerce distributions, corporate disbursements, and remittances. With Payza e-wallet you can easily load and withdraw your money as well as perform bank transfers. Payza offers the Payza prepaid card where you can transfer your funds directly from your Payza account and then use the card wherever they accept credit/debit cards.

Why Payza?

Whether you are sending money to someone in your own town or to someone on the other side of the globe, Payza can do it all. Since I send money home regularly this is an especially useful tool. My parents have a Payza prepaid card and all I have to do is let my parents know that I am sending them money and they are able to easily use the money with their Payza prepaid card wherever they accept debit/credit cards. The prepaid card only costs $19.99 and takes approximately 4-8 weeks for shipping once the order is placed. Whether you are a freelancer or run an online business, Payza prepaid card may be just the thing for you. Payza has many functions that make it the all-encompassing online payment processor.

Does Payza have Fees?

With Payza you do not have to pay any yearly fees, activation fees and it is free to send money online. The fees are the same for you whether you are using Payza for your business or for your personal finances. To receive funds there is a charge of 2.5% as well as .25 cents usd. If you are adding funds by bank wire, there is a charge of $20. Withdrawing funds by egift card is free and by bank transfer will cost you .50 cents per transfer. Adding funds by bitcoin is free but withdrawing funds by bitcoin with carry a 2.00% charge. Adding funds by bank transfer the fees vary as well as withdrawing funds by credit card.

Should I use Payza if I work for myself?

I find Payza also very useful for someone who is a freelance worker. With a Payza account and a Payza prepaid card you can easily have whoever you are to be paid by send the money to your Payza account (for free). Then with you Payza prepaid card you can use this money wherever they accept credit/debit cards. I find this option a huge benefit for people like me who can’t budget money very well. You can have your traditional bank account separate from your Payza account and keep your money separate. By keeping your money earned on Payza separate, you can then know exactly how much extra money you have to be able to pay things such as; debt, bills, or even start putting money away into your nest egg.

should I use payza?

To make sure whether Payza is right for you do some research and find the ins and outs to get a full description about the services that you need and the services Payza offers. I recommend Payza for anyone that is looking for a money processor that can send money in to a different country for free.