TransferWise vs Western Union

Should you be living or working away from your family, you know the strains of wishing to send them money in real time and at an affordable rate. You might be familiar with Western Union quick collect techniques. However, in spite of the popularity of this method, many struggle with the relatively high rates of transfer, leaving less money to reach the one you seek to help. Furthermore, though the transfer period is deemed among the shortest, it is typically longer than that of its closets alternative, TransferWise.

What Is TransferWise

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TransferWise is a quick reliable money transferring agent that will allow you to send funds overseas at relatively low cost. As a game-changer in UK technology, the service is internet-based. TransferWise runs on a website and downloadable application which allows you to handle your transactions from the comfort of your home, or on the go. The user-friendly app also allows you to track your transfers in real time, a service accessible to you at no additional charge.

Why Choose TransferWise Over Western Union

Western Union Money Transfers

The main competitor of TransferWise is of course Western Union. And while some may feel comfortable employing the method they have heard the most about, the following factors may have you tilting in favor of the newer, faster service. Continue reading “TransferWise vs Western Union”

Cheapest way to send money to India

If you are Indian living in the U.S. or U.K. you probably are looking for ways to send money to family back home in India. Indian Remittance is a fairly common situation; Indians living and working in 1st world countries always earn better wages and therefore send money to India. Bank transfers are usually the first thing people think of when sending money back home but they are usually the longest and the most expensive way to go. Of course in America people send money via Paypal and Venmo. In India, Paypal may not be widely used.

Send money to India with Western Union

A service that most people use to send money home is to send money online via Western Union. Money transfer using Western Union is a relatively inexpensive and cheap way to send money to India. All you need to do is simply go online and you can connect your current bank account or credit card / debit card to the account. If you have your party’s name and e-mail ready you can proceed to send the money. The fee is usually $10 USD. Check for specials that Western Union normally gives out. You can even go to a local store that offers Western Union services to deliver the money there.

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5 Ways to send money abroad fast and safe

With technology changing at such a rapid rate, what truly constitutes as the better way to send money abroad? What if I’m merely transferring money from the East Coast to the West Coast in the United States? You say you often travel to London? What options does one have to receive money in the UK? Europe?

Let’s have a gander at 5 ways in which we can accomplish these feats, shall we?

Send money abroad with Paypal

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Paypal, the ever over-revolutionized way of essentially sending money online, transferring, receiving, paying and getting paid electronically by means of an app, a click and POOF! There is money waiting! Is it really that easy? Yes, it certainly is! Let’s explore this idea. Continue reading “5 Ways to send money abroad fast and safe”